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You already have access to the industry leader in securities information. However, more content is available to help you build stronger deals and deliver value to your shareholders or clients.

Intelligize offers more content to help with your needs:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Transactions are grouped by the operative agreement, related agreements, and relevant SEC filings, providing a complete set of filings and documents for each deal. Easily search by target/ acquirer name, transaction type, deal size, conditions, and agreement-specific criteria such as representations and warranties and covenants.

  • Registered Offerings – Deal-specific search filters help you quickly find registered debt and equity deals most relevant to you. Efficiently search for agreements with specific clauses, such as Underwriting Agreements with specific representations and warranties. You can also specify keywords that appear within those clauses. Spend less time searching and more time optimizing your disclosure strategy.

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