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Make insightful compliance decisions fast with connected content, analytics & expert support

In today’s rapidly changing, complex market, it doesn’t matter whether you work in a law firm, a corporation or somewhere else. Your challenges are the same—or at least very similar. What does matter is your ability to stay compliant, build stronger deals and agreements, monitor competitors, and deliver value to your shareholders or clients.

That’s where Intelligize® can play a vital role.

Intelligize pulls together and automatically links a broad set of SEC disclosure documents including Filings, Comment Letters, SEC Interpretations and Statutes with FASB Codifications, Updates or Proposals and AICPA, IFRS and PCAOB standards.

We’re coupling our superior technology with a deep pool of market and business information—for Investor Relations, General Counsel, the C-suite and advisors—linking SEC materials with market activity, news, transcripts, ESG reporting and peer analysis to uncover insight into business trending topics and events impacting your business and industries.

Add the Industry’s most rigorous tagging of content and the leading filtering functionality, and you get unmatched flexibility and speed while lowering you risk and saving you money.

Serving Fortune 500 Companies

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