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Staying ahead of ESG developments, topic trends and hot topics is challenging and time consuming. Not to worry! We’ve pulled it all together and more in Intelligize’s ESG app, featuring access to the latest shareholder proposals, disclosure language from peers, insights into earnings Q&A and all the relevant ESG news you need.

You can use advanced ESG topic, document type and keyword search capabilities for unmatched precision and speed in researching disclosure relating to ESG. We’ve leveraged the deep expertise of our research team to develop a universal ESG topic framework, enabling content to be indexed in a way that makes searching easy and reliable.

The research required to support the development of the ESG Story can take a lot of time. By leveraging Intelligize, you can surface insights on your peers and competitors easily - with a 360°-view of ESG-related information for an individual company, plus powerful peer group comparison views.

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