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The new power couple:

Accounting Standards & Guidance + Accounting Analytics

With the world facing economic uncertainty, one financial reporting misstep can increase the risk of review by SEC examiners, and potentially decrease public and investor confidence.

Streamline your accounting disclosure workflow and speed up your research and analysis of financial statement disclosures with two powerful tools.

Accounting Standards & Guidance + Accounting Analytics deliver everything you need in one place. With this powerful couple, you can:

  • Consolidate your search, analysis, collaboration and tracking efforts
  • Determine market standard language for new and emerging accounting standards
  • Benchmark peer disclosures on non-GAAP metrics, financial restatements and material weakness
  • Monitor Critical Audit Matters with multiple analytics tools
  • Benchmark across multiple peers with the Audit Item Matrix

Meet this powerful pair for yourself. Simply complete and submit the form to request a free demo today.

Serving Fortune 500 Companies

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