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Insights from proxy disclosure

Get unmatched precision and speed in researching board composition and compensation in Proxy disclosures in Intelligize’s Board Profiles & Compensation solution.

In Board Profiles & Compensation, we extract and normalize key datapoints from Proxy statements across thousands of companies—delivering trends on director and executive compensation, and board composition—and enable benchmarking in areas such as pay versus performance, board diversity, committees and director skills.

Plus, with unsurpassed tagging and search of director characteristics— skills, gender, age, ethnicity, etc.— Board Profiles & Compensation enables you to find board candidates instantly based on the precise criteria set out by the nominating committee.

You can get the information you need for disclosure strategy - with rich company, director and executive profiles, snapshots of pay versus performance tables, and links directly to relevant information within the Proxy Statement—with greater precision, while saving time.

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